Active Zeeland

Experience the adventure of the beach and the sea!

The area surrounding De Wijde Blick campsite offers many options for (extreme) sports. This is where you experience the adventure of the beach and the sea!

Beach Yoga
Have a relaxing start to your day with a Beach Yoga session. During this lesson, the entire body is made more flexible and supple. The positions strengthen the muscles and are taken from a source of inner concentration. Apart from relaxation, this is the perfect warm up!

Sailing and Surfing
Are you looking to learn how to sail or surf? A bambini or advanced course, sailing in an optimist, valk or catamaran, individual or in a group… they’re all possible at Brouwersdam. Looking to just rent material? That’s possible too.

Playing with the wind
The broad Brouwersdam beach is highly suited for playing with the wind! Go blokarting (beach sailing), power kiting, kite buggying, or sanjo combative kiting and learn to handle the basic element of the game, the wind!

A ramp with 3 different courses for spectacular descents! The ski and snowboard course, slide, and body slide will guarantee a refreshing dive in the Grevelingen Lake. Make breath-taking jumps and push your boundaries!

The White Boulevard
When you are staying in Zeeland, you are in one of the best diving areas in North-western Europe! Starfish, anemones, fishes and enormous lobsters. You are bound to meet them during a dive in the Grevelingen lake or Oosterschelde river. The Scuba diver certificate is the first you can obtain in your diving career. You will first become familiar with the equipment and all the techniques you require to be able to safely dive under the supervision of a diving professional. This certificate is ideal for people who want to have a sporty, but also relaxing holiday. (takes 2.5 days)

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By bike and horse
For both beginners and experienced riders, horse riding is an option. Through the dunes, forests or across the Schouw beach. The forests are perfect for mountain biking.

Enjoy the patios of the various Beach Clubs with a bite and a drink, and view the indescribable manoeuvres of the talented locals.

In short, the area surrounding de Wijde Blick has much to offer in the field of adventurous sports. Also visit,, or Or swing by the reception during your stay. We can give you more information about pricing, among other things.