Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What are the arrival and departure times?
Campsites: arrival from 14:00, departure before 11:00.
Rental accommodations: arrival from 15:00, departure before 11:00.

Is it possible to arrive after the reception has closed?
Yes, this is possible. If you are expecting to arrive outside of opening hours, we would appreciate you letting us know beforehand. Through the intercom you can reach an employee, who will come to the reception to give you the barrier pass, among other things.

We have two cars. Can both be parked at the campsite parking?
That is no problem. One car is included in the price. For an extra car you will pay €3.50 extra a night, to a maximum of €20 for the duration of your stay. The extra car will also be parked at the campsite parking. The parking area by the reception is for short-term parking only (no overnights).

Are minors travelling alone allowed to stay on the campsite?
No, we only book families with children. Minors and groups are not allowed on our campsite.

You have a swimming pool on the premises. Can we also visit this if we are not staying with you?
The swimming pool is only accessible to guests on our camping.

Is there wireless internet available?
Yes, you can make use of our Wi-Fi anywhere on the camping. To log in, use the reservation number and your own postal code. The use of Wi-Fi is free for one device.

When is the activities team present?
The activities team is present every weekend and school holiday during the season.

Is the camping suitable for the disabled?
Yes, this is possible. All roads are wheelchair friendly. The camping has a special toilet and shower space available. The key to this space can be obtained at the reception. The camping also has a number of chalets (type A4) that are suitable for people in wheelchairs.

Are dogs allowed on the camping?
Dogs are allowed everywhere on the camping, with a maximum of 2 dogs per site. In the months of July and August you can bring the dog as well, but they are only allowed on fields C, G and A (the motor caravan field). Can we barbeque on our campsite?
Of course, this is not a problem if you take the necessary safety precautions.

Can we park the cars by our campsite?
No, the car has to be parked at the required parking lane. This is to maintain all camping sites. The cars are only allowed on the field when setting up and breaking down the tents.
Can we set up a party tent on the campsite?
This may be possible, but will have to be discussed with the reception.

Is putting up a small extra tent allowed?
Setting up a small extra tent (6 m2 / 64 ft2) is allowed. A second tent may be set up at additional costs, and if there is enough room on the campsite.

Is the use of an anti-root canvas/ground sheet allowed?
A ground sheet is only allowed in the front extension or awning, NOT outside of it. Anti-root canvas is NOT allowed.

How many amperes of power do the campsites have?
There are sites with 6 ampere and sites with 10 ampere power connections.


What are the check-in and check-out times?
Check-in is from 15.00 onwards. Check-out is before 11.00.

Are dogs allowed in the accommodations?
Starting this season, there are two dog mobile homes for rent. These mobile homes allow a maximum of 1 dog.
We pay a security deposit for staying in a chalet. Will we receive this back immediately, or via bank transfer?
You will be asked for your bank account number when you leave. As soon as the chalet has been checked, we will transfer your security deposit.

Is it allowed to stay in the accommodation with more than the maximum prescribed number of people?
No, this is not allowed. It is also not possible to have extra people stay the night in a tent on your spot.